Discover books through people

Wajapi is a website that allows you to discover books through people.

The aim is to make three things as easy as possible:

  • Share books you discover with your friends on Facebook.
  • Publish book lists on blogs.
  • Browse what other Wajapi users are reading.

Simply search for a book or author in the search field above, pick a result to add to your list and add a comment. When you're finished, your book will appear in your Wajapi profile and your Facebook newsfeed.

What books should you tag?

Any book you have come across whether you love it, hate it or haven't even read it. Geir (this site's founder) tags books he wants to show on his blog (check out the blog here), books he wants to read in the future, books about business, technical stuff etc.

How do I publish a book list on my blog?

On your blog, you can publish a list of all your tagged books or only specific tags. Just copy the code in the red "Blog this" box into your blog and the list will appear there. If you are viewing a specific tag, the code in the box will only show that tag.

Note that if a user buys a book after clicking on it's link in any list generated by Wajapi, this site's author gets 5%-7% (and will soon retire from the rivers of cash this generates!).

What does Wajapi mean?

The Wajapi are a people indigenous to the northern Amazonian region. The Wajapis have a long history of producing and using vegetable dyes to adorn their bodies with geometric motifs and symbols. These motifs inspired the design of this site.

Who designed it?

Wajapi was designed by Sue Allen, graphic design genius.

Who runs it?

The site's author is Geir Freysson and his company, Snailbyte, runs it.

Does it have an API?

Yes. The API isn't stable yet, but the site is designed with a RESTful mindset. By adding .xml to almost any URL, an xml representation of whatever is being viewed is displayed.